We are committed expert speakers​
Sahil Ratnaparkhi

Data Science, Presentation and speaking voice expert is highly regarded coach and facilitator working extensively in Data Science. Sahil is a good data scientist and developing greatful applications using data science.

Prathmesh Yadav

Prathmesh is an entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of ShareSkills. He is a good speaker in all technologies. He has spoken at CodeClause includes Web Development Tranining and Java Development Training.

Ajinkya Bahirat

Ajinkya is Software Engineer at Accenture. He is a good android developer also a good speaker. He had developed various applications and at CodeClause he given training on Android Development.

Ashlesha Jadhav

Ashlesh is a Data Engineer at Jio. Ashlesha's refreshing approach made him a sought-after speaker and consultant for bussiness and to grab a good jobs in co-operates.